will i ever grow up.

the post about Istanbul

Posted in Photography, thoughts by ladybug on September 14, 2011

One of the places that striked me the most in my Istanbul voyage was the graveyards around the Pierre Loti hill. The graveyards cover the hill with shading trees, a small path meanders around them and beneath the thousand nested tombs, the Bosphorus glints while the sun sets behind the splendid mosque of Sultanahmet.

Well I lied a little, the sun sets on the other side of the hill, not where Sultanahmet is. But the image is much more romantic this way.


More posts about Stamboul on the way babies.


the no post day

Posted in Personal stuff by ladybug on September 13, 2011

Today is a post about not writing one. I actually started re-using my one year old blog because I wanted to report my everyday trip in Istanbul. Sadly I had no laptop and no internet for reasons I won’t expand about. So I got so angry that I decided that there will be no posts about Istanbul.

Or maybe there will be. Yeah, I’m sure there will.

Can’t resist to my own temptations.


why do old photos look better

Posted in Personal stuff by ladybug on September 7, 2011

I never understood why old photos look better.

Now all our super technological smart phones have camera applications that make the photo look old. The anachronism is rather disturbing. Do old photos  really look better? And if yes, why is that?

So the first thing that comes to my mind is that we take photos to remember moments, and with remembrance comes nostalgia (with time, supposedly). In our collective thinking, nostalgia implies having  fuzzy colors, blurry shapes and the likes in a photo. So basically we accelerate  the time by clicking on an effect that instantly ages the image and brings us back in time straight off. Waiting for the photo to get old is a too long process for us human beings of the 21st century (although digital photos can’t get old, but that’s not the point).

Why go publish a book? It’s a hassle. Instead, let’s start a blog that can be published in a click and can be read instantly by unanimous random people.

Yeah. I should go to sleep.

See you in Istanbul folks. Ouh yeah baby.

Ta ta,

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Dear Minister of Telecoms, there’s nothing to be proud of.

But we won’t complain.



By the way,  Istanbul minus 3 days. Yey.


a bit of what I do

Posted in graphics, works by ladybug on September 4, 2011

Although I went to what we call an Art School, I never studied graphic design.

All you need is a bit of visual sense & some visual taste.

I’ve been working on these posters each month for the last year and a half for an electronic music show called Snowfish Cabaret hosted on http://www.beattunes.com .

A graphic designer would tell you to keep the same visual communication throughout one’s identity. I say fuck ça.


today it’s really a sunday

Posted in Mashrou3 Leila, music, videos, works by ladybug on September 4, 2011

Today is a Sunday.

I have mixed feelings about Sundays.

I like to think I can be productive on a Sunday. I always have these plans of renting a bicycle to stroll around town or go up to the Shouf region and walk in the cedars forest; but I always end up waking up late, crawling all day between a mattress and the other, in a heavy molluscous way.

As it’s one of my first posts, I will please your eyes and your ears with this video clip of the great band Mashrou3 Leila. I edited and co-directed it with Yelostudio a bit more than a year ago.


every day is like sunday

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It’s not even a Sunday and the streets of Beirut are empty. The lack of green spaces bring people to empty parkings, soon to become other high ugly buildings.

Where do we go from here?

now and the past

Posted in Photography by ladybug on April 6, 2010

 Abandoned hotel.

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Posted in Personal stuff by ladybug on March 3, 2009

Yo everyone.

I have always kept a notebook in my bag, for as long as I can remember.

I have kept about 10 secret diaries since my childhood and written several short stories. But I’ve stopped using a pen since I started working on a computer. I’m also less inspired since my focus now is driven by other priorities. But I miss it. I really do. So I decided to start a blog. The big difference is that a blog is public. There’s a somehow nakedness of my own self. But I’ll get over it.

Oh and if my english is bad, pardon, pardon. I might use french sometimes if I feel like it.