will i ever grow up.

today is a sunday.

Posted in movies, Personal stuff, thoughts by ladybug on October 9, 2011

Today is a Sunday. Probably the most inspiring day of the week. This post is the first post I write in this blog without having a clue what to write about, and I kinda like that.

Sometimes I think I should write really personal things in here, but then I think again and I decide to stay low profile, after all just by reading the few lines here, you can already get a trait of my personality. I don’t want to be over-exposed, chaque chose en son temps.

Steve Jobs died 2 days ago. Yey. Makes the world a bit less capitalist I guess. Or not. But all I want to say is that success and all the shit that comes with it, is waaaaaaaaaaaay overrated. I hate the world we live in. Argh sometimes I wish I was president.

Ok, I’m not in a good mood today. I’m rather in a bad mood even. In fact, one of the worst I’ve been in a long fucking time.

Cheers to Barbar, cleaning the cats of the streets and putting them in our sandwiches. I was out last night, after some drinking and a terrible headache, we decided with the guys to go eat a sandwich at 5 a.m. Probably the worst idea ever. 8 hours have passed since then, and I can still feel you, little chicken inside my angry stomach. You too Mr. mayo.

On another note, two great discoveries, and probably the best films I’ve watched recently:

Drive and Vénus Noire. They have nothing in common except that they are both very sensitive to the human kind.



a post about art

Posted in Personal stuff, Photography, thoughts by ladybug on September 27, 2011

I don’t understand contemporary modern art, and I’m sure I’m no exception.















Generally museums are located in the best parts of town and offer the best views you can find, so I prefer to look throughout the windows, most of the times the sight is much more interesting than whatever is hanging on the walls. I love to go to Centre Georges Pompidou and look at Paris from high up as much as I love visiting Karlsruhe’s Schloss and lookout to the magnificent gardens from the  narrow windows.





























Don’t get me wrong, I love art (if that alone means anything), but sometimes I’m annoyed by how much trash artists/museums dare to show us down-low human beings. As if someone could shit on a painting (literally) and impress me. I’m not an artist, or at least don’t consider myself to be one (cause the use of the word itself repulses me) but I know when I’m being fooled and brainwashed, thank you.

But besides all this hate, while visiting the Orangerie in Karlsruhe, I stumbled and immediately fell in love with an artist called Guillaume Bresson. His work reminds me of a modern Delacroix.

a post about paris

Posted in Personal stuff, thoughts by ladybug on September 20, 2011

Something mysterious always happens in Paris.

Every time I come here, the same sentence comes back in my little head: “fuck this city, I’m not coming back again anymore for at least 10 years”. Yeah right.

So I was walking in the streets of Paris, beautiful Paris; the weather was okay, but there was something I couldn’t quite grasp. A strange indistinguishable feeling came over me. Why wasn’t I enjoying the oh so loved city of Paris?

Then later at night, I went with some friends to a seafood restaurant in Monmartre; and I was talking to this girl and she asked me why I didn’t like Paris. Suddenly, it clicked. I had the perfect answer. The sentence flashed in my head, as if I was waiting for it all my life, and I said: “Paris has a negative energy.”

It might sound stupid and cliché now, but it felt so right at the moment, and not only did I say it, I also felt it from the bottom of my lungs, if that’s even an expression.

Yep, Paris has definitely a negative energy. It’s something I feel and can’t really describe.

Fuck this city, I’m not coming back again anymore for at least 10 years.

a post about being bias

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Today I went to the zoo.

I’m always confused when it comes to zoos. A feeling of culpability takes over me.  I know we probably all have the same questions whirling around in our stupid heads. I hate caged animals. But I love animals. Where else would I see them if not in a cage inside a zoo. Some will tell you that zoos keep certain species from disappearing. Others would tell you they are happier because they always get food on time and they are taken care of. No need to struggle. But what about pollution? What about equality? What about freedom?

I was looking at the sea lions, and one of them was looking back at me. Fixing me. And then I thought maybe she thinks I’m in a cage. How the hell would she know she’s in a cage if she’s never been out of it? So I kinda used a reverse psychology to make me feel better. And I did feel better for a while. Until I saw Simon.

Simon is probably the closest I have ever been to a chimp. Although a glass wall separated us, he was sleeping with his head stuck to the glass and I tried to put my hand on the wall, seeing if he would do the same. But he looked at me with sad half closed eyes and all I could think of at that time was if the glass would break if I punched real hard into it to save my fellow friend or if I did so would he run away to the inside corner of the cage instead of fleeing.

I stayed there for about half an hour. Although the zoo did quite an effort in doing a cage that is relatively quite big, it’s still so hard to see my brother confined inside a cage, dreaming of the lands of Africa. I left just when I felt the tears starting to form in my eyes.

Will I ever grow up?

the post about Istanbul

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One of the places that striked me the most in my Istanbul voyage was the graveyards around the Pierre Loti hill. The graveyards cover the hill with shading trees, a small path meanders around them and beneath the thousand nested tombs, the Bosphorus glints while the sun sets behind the splendid mosque of Sultanahmet.

Well I lied a little, the sun sets on the other side of the hill, not where Sultanahmet is. But the image is much more romantic this way.


More posts about Stamboul on the way babies.

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Dear Minister of Telecoms, there’s nothing to be proud of.

But we won’t complain.



By the way,  Istanbul minus 3 days. Yey.