will i ever grow up.

the grey clouds of Frankfurt

Posted in videos, works by ladybug on September 15, 2011

(Read the post while playing the video. Don’t concentrate on the content on the video; it’s only an emotion I wanted to share.)

I hate banks.

I arrived at Frankfurt airport with no cash no phone and the machine wouldn’t let me withdraw money. My credit card was not working I have no idea why. I started panicking and my throat was tight. I wasn’t producing saliva anymore. I was seeing myself sleeping on the airport floor until someone would be kind enough to lend me money so I could get to my destination, as if that could happen. I even thought of changing my return ticket to Beirut but that would’ve involved money as well. Buying a phone card was also not an option with the 5$ left in my pocket.  Then after some time trying different ATMs while wheeling my suitcase up and down the airport, it finally worked. I booked my train ticket to Karlsruhe and here I am now.

Music by Four Tet – Slow Jam


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